Special Sex Therapy Q&A | MyCounselorLIVE Featuring Alison Pitts

Special Sex Therapy Q&A | MyCounselorLIVE Featuring Alison Pitts

On this special episode of #MyCounselorLIVE, Christian sex therapist Alison Pitts joins us to answer your questions about sex therapy. Let us know which part of the episode was your favorite by commenting the timestamp! And if you have a question that you want answered on an episode of MyCounselorLIVE, you can submit it here: https://mycounselor.online/ask/

For more information or to seek the input of a Christian sex therapist, visit us at: https://mycounselor.online/

Learn more about Alison: https://mycounselor.online/christian-counselors/alison-pitts/

Living Sexual Fantasies – 10 Things Every Guy Needs to Try

Many individuals have a pail checklist for life as a whole; why not make a sexual container list? Right here are 10 hot concepts to get any kind of guy started.

How to Increase Your Ejaculatory Control and Last Longer in Bed

Lack of ejaculatory control is a common problem that millions of guys suffer with. However, it is possible to enhance your remaining power with the help of some straightforward and also easy strategies. Additionally, all-natural penis pills and also gels can also be fairly practical.

Does Your Christian Sex Life Feel Incomplete and Unfulfilling? Here’s How to Make It Better

If your Christian sex life is lacking and also you find yourself unfulfilled, then you certainly require to turn things about. Right here’s just how to make Christian affection magnificent.

Can I Enlarge the Size of My Penis? Find Out the Shocking Answer to This Common Question!

Can I enlarge the dimension of my penis? It is a common concern yet it is extremely tough to find a really sincere as well as uncomplicated answer. Most of the time you obtain answers such as “The penis can just be enlarged with surgical procedure and also nothing else jobs” or the evergreen “It is not the dimension which matters however what you can do with it.”

Oral Sex Tips for Men – 6 Steps to Send Her Over the Edge

What guy doesn’t wish to have the ability to knock her socks off with his oral sex skills? Whether a newbie or an old pro, any kind of male can gain from these 6 pointers to providing oral.

3 Ways to Last Longer in Bed

A whole lot of guys experience premature ejaculation. This is a trouble that can stop you from satisfying your woman sexually. However, with simple pointers and methods you can last longer in bed. Natural erections gels can additionally aid boost your ejaculatory control.

Ways to Boost Libido in Men Naturally

A great deal of guys shed their sexual appetite in center age. Nevertheless, it is possible to enhance sex drive in men with some changes in diet regimen and also way of life. Natural sex drive improving supplements can additionally help a large amount in rise libido in males.

Male Sexual Health and Laptop Use – Is His Fertility at Stake?

As the name suggests, laptop are planned for a private to make use of on his/her lap, right? When acquiring a computer for job or personal use, it is thought by the consumer that it is secure to make use of, whether it is put on the lap, table, or workdesk. Nevertheless, researchers have actually lately elevated worries about whether or not this is in fact true, and there are indications that a guy’s sex-related health might even go to threat.

Masturbation Addiction – Recognizing the Tell-Tale Signs

Every man enjoys hanging out with his “little guy,” but when enjoyment becomes masturbation addiction, actions need to be taken. A sore penis is not the only outcome of compulsive masturbatory habits.

Low Male Libido and Ways to Boost It Naturally

It is not just women that endure with a decrease in their sex drive as they age. A great deal of males likewise experience a plunge in their sex drive when they hit 30. A great deal of elements can cause a drop in male libido. A decrease in testosterone levels can decrease libido in men. It can additionally bring about a great deal of various other adjustments in the body. Nonetheless, it is feasible to boost libido as well as testosterone in men with simple changes in diet and lifestyle.

How Do I Get My Christian Husband Interested in Sex?

A very usual concern for better halves of Christian males is in concerns to sex. Just how do you get your Christian husband thinking about sex? Learn some easy ways to inspire your husband right into having a terrific and also intimate sex life.

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