Somatic Experiencing with Elle Hawkins, LCSW | The Sex Talk with Elle and Mou

Somatic Experiencing with Elle Hawkins, LCSW | The Sex Talk with Elle and Mou

Licensed Clinical Sex and Relationship Therapist Elle Hawkins, LCSW guides Mou in a somatic experience, a mind-meets-body connecting exercise to demonstrate how somatic therapy combines the mind, the body and breathing in understanding and developing emotion regulation, stabilization, relaxation and soothing the nervous system in response to stress, trauma and more.

Moushumi Ghose, MFT and Elle Hawkins, LCSW are licensed therapists specializing in sexuality and pleasure. The Sex Talk is a sex positive web-series focusing on sex education, relationship and dating advice, which hopes to raise awareness about healthier attitudes about sex and sexuality, featuring Moushumi Ghose, MFT; Elle Hawkins, LCSW and various other guests.
Different topics. Always Sex- Positive.

Moushumi Ghose, MFT is a sex positive author, therapist, film creator and owner of Los Angeles Sex Therapy a group practice that works virtually specializing in sex-positive sex therapy based in Los Angeles, CA, USA, coaching with clients worldwide.

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Better Sex With These 5 Exercises for Men

Exercise is helpful to a number of locations of one’s life, consisting of sex. Find out the most effective exercises for much better sex.

Sex Games – Her Eyes Only: Lingerie Parfait

There is absolutely nothing more sensual than a visual discussion of sexuality succeeded – lighting excellent, clothing symptomatic, as well as the pair excited concerning one another. Tonight … you develop the perfect discussion.

Sex Games – Her Eyes Only: Angel With a Lariat

The quickie is the equivalent of ideas, as well as you must let it strike in lightning style, whenever and also practically anywhere, from bed in the middle of the night to midway up a spiral staircase. Anywhere that you’re all of a sudden alone and the ideas is reciprocal.

Sex Games – His Eyes Only: The Game Changer

Great sex can make you look at life via a whole brand-new collection of eyes. Good sex makes you value life and everything that it brings. Tonight, you’re going to have the type of great sex that will certainly change your globe for life.

Sex Games – Her Eyes Only: Don’t Beat Around the Bush

Much more men than you would certainly believe grow on a minor feeling of risk. The way they transfer this to their sex lives is by choosing a few of one of the most incredible locations for sexual experiences. And also today, location is nitty-gritty.

Sex Tips: Getting Lucky

Every person suches as to obtain fortunate when he’s out on the community, yet in some cases that good luck is difficult to find by. These sex pointers can assist far better prepare a guy for a prospective hook-up.

Sore Penis and Sex: Is It Safe?

Sex is a vital part of a connection, so guys may disregard the pain as well as have sex with an aching penis. That isn’t always a good decision.

Sex Games – His Eyes Only: Follow the Leader

If you’ve ever before heard or checked out anything regarding the clitoris, you know – at the very the very least – that it has the power to drive any type of female up the wall. Right here’s a video game that instructs you how to function magic with that said little piece of flesh.

Sex Quiz: What Things Should Men Know?

Do guys know greater than the basics about sex? This test can help to respond to that question.

Sex Games – His Eyes Only: The Waterfall

You will find out one of one of the most effective – otherwise ONE OF THE MOST effective – “climax concept.” It’s mosting likely to be a night that she will certainly never, ever before fail to remember.

Sex Games – His Eyes Only: “Hands Are Tied”

The very initial lesson we learn in life is that we constantly desire most what we can not have. From playthings and treats to automobiles and ladies – and automobiles WITH women – it’s the yearning and anticipation that makes a man’s rewards the sweetest.

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