sexual fitness clinic

kashid nagar
pimple gurav
next to siddhi hospital
near kate puram chouk

sexual fitness clinic
Available Facilities
1. Sex therapy for lifetime sexual Fitness
2. Pre Marital Sex counseling.
3. Adolescence sex counseling


1. As age increases blood supply to penis decrease .
In sex therapy we teach you techniques to increase blood supply to penis permanently.

2. As age increases muscle of penis become weak .
Sex therapy helps in making penis muscles strong permanently.
3. As age increases sex hormones testosterone becomes less.
Sex therapy helps to increase it.
4. As age increases semen quality reduces
Sex Therapy improves it.

we clear doubts related to sex in scientific manner.
penis size
sex timing
mastrubation good or bad

we provide scientific
sexual gauidence to newely married and pre maried couple about how to have healthy sexual relationship.

we provide scientific sexual gauidence to adolescent

Sex Games – His Eyes Only: Sexual Humor

It’s been reported that men with fantastic detects of wit make terrific fans. However simply in instance you really did not recognize just how to practically link both, here’s a fantastic suggestion to inject wit into your next intimate experience and also have one of the most memorable evenings of your life.

Sex Games – His Eyes Only: Dining In Public

Public screens of affection are normally an excellent aphrodisiac. And if you do it right, you can turn her on for weeks or months at a time. Yes, truly.

Sex Myths and Penis Misconceptions That Bring a Man Down

Some males really feel unnecessarily awkward many thanks to prominent sex myths and penis misconceptions. Separating truth from fiction can assist males lead healthier sex lives and also really feel better regarding what they’re loading.

Sexy Valentine’s Day Ideas From the Holiday’s Ancient Origins

Ditch the delicious chocolates as well as roses this year. Get interesting as well as x-rated new Valentine’s Day suggestions by discovering the old beginnings of this holiday.

Sex Games – His Eyes Only: Cleaning Up the Mess

Untidy sex is fun sex. When you release your restraints and turn all assumed off, you’ll have a few of the most effective sex of your life. Today’s game aids you release all inhibitions as well as have several of one of the most enjoyable, unpleasant love you’ve ever had.

Sore Penis Prevention and Treatment

The outcome of a weekend of sports sex may be a satisfied yet really aching penis. Practicing prevention steps can assist prevent a few of that penile pain.

Sex Games – Her Eyes Only: The Secret Dessert

Extra frequently that not, a great eating experience means that you’ll get some kind of activity at the end of the evening. Tonight, you’re going to place a remarkable spin to the most classic of all dating situations.

Sex Games – His Eyes Only: Having Dessert In Bed

Somehow, the majority of guys seem to dislike dropping on a woman. If that’s you, today you’re mosting likely to find out a pleasantly fun means to service your partner as well as offer her a planet ruining orgasm.

Sex Games – His Eyes Only: The Greatest Toy Ever

A viewpoint referred to as the Misconception of the Man Weakness tells us that men are too frightened to allow any kind of playthings in the bedroom. In today’s game, you’re mosting likely to prove that approach wrong.

How to Increase Your Semen Production Naturally

A whole lot of guys appear to be curious about enhancing their semen volume to ensure that they can enjoy effective orgasms. This post lists a few of the very best means to assist you raise your semen manufacturing.

Best Ways to Increase Libido and Testosterone in Men

Center age men frequently endure with a decrease in their libido. Among the main factors behind this is a decline in their testosterone degrees. This article notes a few of the best and also most efficient ways to improve sex drive and also testosterone in men.

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